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Thai Stem Herbal Compress Massage Certification:

Cost: $350 + HST


2017 DATES:

Feb 6
Mar 6
Apr 10
May 15
June 12
July 10
Aug 7
Sept 11
Oct 9
Nov 13
Dec 4

Thai stem herbal stems are imported from Thailand with loads of herbs tied into a ball. Thai stem herbal massage is the ultimate relaxation therapy. The steamed herbal bags are used for aches pains and inflammation, aids lymphatics and joint pains. Stress and relaxation achieved through the soothing herbs releasing its oils when steamed the warmth is soothing to aching muscles and the aromas are extremely relaxing. This course also covers the thai stem facial and whole body massage

Course Outline

  • History
  • Thai herbs
  • Thai stems explained
  • Steamers and steaming process
  • Health benefits of this massage
  • Safety/precautions/contra indications
  • Meridian theory
  • Meridian massage
  • Massage outline
  • Facial massage with facial therapy
  • Best essential oils to combine in treatment with Thai stem
  • Basic anatomy/physiology

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