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About Our Industry and Government Regulations

Our Course material is of the highest caliber and by far exceeds what is offered by most schools and the organizations that approve them. Most schools offer courses that have been copied from Aromatherapy books on the market as opposed to getting researched information to verify their claims. Aromatherapy books which often relates the uses of the essential oils to the uses of herbal medicine. After much research, our findings are that most of these books are riddled with errors. Our essential oil research materials are from verifiable sources which is what is currently required by government in its newest release about regulating the natural health industry and its products. Government states that evidence of claims will be required for consumer safety. Consumer safety is of importance when working with essential oils as well. Unfortunately, when most course materials base the usage on internal uses of herbs and how the oils work in the same manner, thus giving the student and the consumer misleading information.

The Government Gazette 11 had clearly stated that it is looking at evidence to back claims made in holistic health products- this will include essential oils as well. At the moment it is a buyer beware situation when looking for courses. It is imperative that students do their homework thoroughly by researching the schools they intend to study with. More and more schools are currently popping up. Some owners have just studied a course for one year and the next they are opening a school. Writing their own materials from many books out on the market and pointing their references and sources from these books. From what we had just researched regarding government regulation, is that government is more acceptable of scientific backing to programs relating to the use of products which will be regulated in the next year or two. In the Fall of 2003, they will bagan appointing inspectors and as of 2004, the government began enforcing its regulatory framework. We are currently holding course materials from various schools which have loads of misrepresentations on the actual uses of essential oils.

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