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About Lynn Bosman

Lynn Bosman, founder and CEO of the Mississauga School of Aromatherapy opened its doors in 1993 and the Canadian Holistic Therapists Training School in 1995

Lynn developed a severe skin problem in early adolescence and has researched and experimented with natural health, herbs, since that time. She changed her diet and began taking yoga classes and developed a keen interest in macrobiotics as early 1974.

Lynn gained enormous experience in herbs and healing through her employment with a Herbalist in South Africa during school holidays in the 1960s.  She continued this trend through to her academic years of studying Marketing/Dealer and Money Management.

Her interests grew stronger to work with herbs and healing and continued research in the field of natural medicine since then.

At eighteen, Lynn discovered Azulene extract from Germany, which is a chemical component found in the essential oil German Chamomile. She obtained the extract in a cream from a German distributor and used on her skin condition with excellent results.

Her interest in the natural health products expanded and she developed the desire to help others with similar afflictions. Her mother, a natural healer used oils and herbal remedies in poultices, packs, massage. Lynn learned to make her own herbal medicine and became interested in baby massage after observing her mother practicing on babies.

In 1994 Lynn met Martin Watt and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger in New York at the first International Aromatherapy conference. Martin and Sylla had completed extensive global research into the uses of essential oils and aromatherapy; these researched materials are offered by Lynn to her Canadian Aromatherapy students. Lynn has worked since then with Martin and Sylla, publishing their books for Canadian Aromatherapists, and incorporating their work in her program materials.

Lynn assisted in the development of a Clinical Aromatherapist Registry board. The Registry board was created for all clinical Aromatherapists that have studied Aromatherapy at a University level, one of the highest levels of aromatherapy thus far (Students obtain the Designation C.L.C.A) upon receiving their aromatherapy clinical diploma from England.

Lynn Bosman has been involved with introducing aromatherapy through the health/wellness committees to the following groups:

  • The Women's College Hospital

  • St. John's Rehabilitation Centre

  • The Women's Support Group Of Peel

  • The Peel Board Of Education

  • Seniors at various retirement homes.

  • Support work with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences - Whitby, Ontario, Canada in 2011. A very successful health show promoting our aromatherapy with the nurses and staff of this centre. It was an all day long health show displaying the effects of aroma-therapeutics and brain wave patterns. Researched based data on the aroma therapeutics conducted by the EU (European Union) was distributed to the nurses and staff.

Educational Diplomas:

  • Aromatherapy -1990 in Canada and training abroad

  • Trained in reflexology in 1993

  • Completed a diploma in iridology/herbs/nutrition in 1995

  • Studied with the British school of homeopathy, completed touch for health and oriental acupressure in 1995

  • Studied acupuncture - diploma 2002

  • Studied with Biotic research in the various testing protocols for bio-meridian, (Dental/Organ Stress test/allergy testing/food sensitivity protocols/nutrition/herbs/homeopathy) in 2006

Did You Know

  • Some of Lynn's training courses are recognized by the Ontario Massage Training Board for Continuing Education credits for registered massage therapists.

  • Lynn includes teaching the safe practices of essential oils backed by scientific data in her program.

  • The fibromyalgia Association invites Lynn as the guest speaker on a regular basis.

  • Students receive the most up to date information in holistic health trends through continued research.

  • Lynn writes articles on a regular basis for Healthy Directions Health Magazine.

  • Lynn actively participates in health and wellness shows.

  • Health consultations for clients conducted by Lynn are now upgraded through advanced study with the College of Bio-Energetic Medicine for Advanced Electro Dermal Screening. This provides clients an in-depth report on the newest health researched data available.

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