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NEW Thai Stem Herbal Compress Massage Certification

Essential Oil Safety Certification

Aromatherapy Certification
(In Class)
(Aromamassage included in training)

Aromatherapy Certification
(Home Study Correspondence)
(Aromamassage included in training)

Aromacology (Without massage and anatomy/physiology)
(Home Study Correspondence)

Holistic Health Consultants Diploma (Correspondence Home Study)

Hot Stone Healing Therapy

Iridology, Herbology and Nutrition

Green Eco Spa Certification

Reflexology Certification

Cosmetic Making and Green Cleaning Certificate

Indian Head Massage Therapy

AROMATHERAPISTS CAN NOW OBTAIN THEIR FEDERAL REGISTERED DESIGNATION(C.L.C.A.) Canadian Licensed Clinical Aromatherapist And Professional Membership At

The Canadian Holistic Training Institute is a member of the Canadian Guild of Soapmakers, Chandlers and Cosmetic Crafters




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Courses offered in Hamilton, Vaughan, Georgetown, Mississauga and Brampton.

At the Canadian Holistic Training Institute learn to become a professional holistic practitioner and earn top dollars in one of the fastest growing and emerging industries in the world. At CHTI you do more than just train for success, you learn the four aspects of balanced health: emotional, physical, nutritional and spiritual so that your success in your new career is guaranteed. You learn extraordinary holistic techniques to put you way above your closest competition. CHTI has trained students over the past twenty-five years from four Aboriginal bands, various spa industries, health professionals local and international. You can learn to open your own truly green organic spa chemical-free and become a part of saving our ecosystem from destruction of approximately 50 billion beauty by-products filling our landfills.

The Canadian Holistic Training Institute is a private career college offering students the government taxable training receipt T2202 as per Federal government acceptance.

Most spas now going green are enjoying our specialized training of Herbal Thai Coconut facials with plant stem cells. Open your very own GREEN SPA and be a part of saving the ecosystem of further destruction by the abuse of beauty chemicals.

Spas can now add extra dollars to their packages by including a holistic package of 3 items such as:

  • 15 minute Indian head massage
  • 15 minute Thai stem massage
  • 15 minute Aromatherapy

  • Students applying for any of the massage courses such as the Hot Stone, Thai Stem Herbal Compress Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Indian Head Massage do not need to be a RMT (Registered Massage Therapist).


    The difference is that RMT massage for the greater part deals with automobile accidents, whiplash, medical insurance claims and much more physical damage. The massages learned in our programs are for all common problems. To name a few: stress, anxiety, aches and pains (we teach essential oil blends for these), inflammation/pain (we teach essential oil blends for these). Our aromatherapy certification teaches 120 conditions and essential oil blends for these.

    We are asked daily by students if they need to be RMT to take these courses. The answer in absolutely not. Most of our courses cover safety/precautions and contra-indications so the students are guaranteed safe uses of all of our courses.

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    Cosmetic Making/Green Cleaning Certificate
    Cosmetic Making and
    Green Cleaning Certificate
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    Natural Beauty
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    Mission Statement:

    Canadian Holistic Training Institute is committed to providing in-class or online students with superb quality and high standards of training. Well researched and up to date materials promoting awareness of client well-being, industry awareness of alternative medicine and therapy by providing instruction with the highest quality of professionalism and experience.

    Introduction to Indian Head Massage:

    Preview for the Blending and Massage:

    Iridology/Herbs and Nutrition

    Course Campuses:

    For all information surrounding the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy.
    For all information surrounding the safety of essential oils.
    For all organic and green spa options and training centre. (Georgetown Campus)

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